a journey

of change

The Delta Dynamics story

The story of Delta Dynamics begins 25 years ago.
Around the time Martin was working on his MBA, and he followed a course in change management. Inspired by it, he set up his company, Delta Change Management, and began giving trainings, workshops, and coaching to help organizations and people through transitions.

Martin strove to make a difference in the way organizations dealt with their people and with change. As he gained experience, he wrote his first book: The Change Maker, a practical guide on the management of personal, team and business changes.
This was the beginning of the next phase of Martin’s journey, over the course of which he not only learnt more about himself, but also his field: change and management, and the way organizations and people in organizations think and act.

Delta Change Management transformed along with Martin, moving from action-learning to taking root in existential philosophy after Martin completed his PhD from the University of Humanistic Studies.

Combining his 40 years of business experience with his academic research, Martin re-envisioned his goals, and then those of his company. That’s when Delta Change Management evolved into Delta Dynamics.

“Delta stands for change and transition, and for the three-point connection between people, organizations and their business environment. The word ‘Dynamics’ focuses on my people-oriented, meaningful change philosophy,” explains Martin.
Through Delta Dynamics, Dr. Martin Loeve continues to offer inspiration, guidance and reflection for meaningful leadership and change. He focuses on people and their social interactions to create synergy in working relationships, and helps organizations achieve their goals while becoming more meaningful workplaces.


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