There are many scenarios in which an organization and its executives could benefit from inspiration, guidance and reflection for meaningful leadership and change. These are just some examples where you can benefit from the Delta Dynamics executive coaching programs:


  • When executives move to positions of greater authority and responsibility, and require specific social leadership skills;
  • When executives have to make difficult personal and business decisions;
  • When market evolution presses an organization to develop and implement a new strategic direction and business plan;
  • When organizations have to improve their business efficiency and people are an important factor;
  • When the interaction between teams, groups and departments, or even between an organization and its value chain, needs to be improved.


Through Delta Dynamics, Martin offers a range of customizable executive coaching programs to meet different individual and organizational needs: from personal or online coaching sessions to engaging group workshops that help you implement and monitor progress on your desired goals.


In over 20 years of change experience, Martin has coached many executives and their teams facing different situations. Among others, he’s worked for clients such as: Fugro, Danfoss, Kiwa, Océ, NRG, Reinis, PonPower, Keyrail, Imtech, Next Logic, Portbase, De Zuidhoek, Zeeland Seaports, Eneco and Plantenkwekerij Van der Lugt.


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