creating healthy

and happy organizations

An organization is its people, and it functions through their interactions. Social interactions shape people’s individual thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors, as well as their group cultures. Organizational and team cultures are the result of how executives and employees interact and act together.

The focus on people and social interactions is key to achieving harmony between individual motivations and organizational goals. And once you achieve this, you create a synergy that is more than the sum of the parts.

An organization then becomes more than the sum of its people and their individual talents and skills. Together, people can create an organization that is of far more social and business value, and that is a healthy and happy workplace.

This is the people-oriented, meaningful change philosophy on which Martin has based the vision and mission of Delta Dynamics.


Synergy between people in their organizations, so that together, they can create an organization that is more meaningful and profitable.


To offer inspiration, guidance and reflection for meaningful leadership and change.


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