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Meaningful leadership and change is about focusing on people and their social interactions. This means stepping out of the traditional role of a coach as an outsider, and going beyond conventional coaching approaches.


Martin uses ethnography, dialogue and storytelling to help people identify, reflect on, and work towards their individual and organizations goals in interactive and engaging settings.


Ethnography is a method used extensively in social research because it helps understand people’s individual motivations and how this shapes their identities and group cultures. Using deep-dive interviews with executives and face-to-face sessions with their teams, Martin helps them learn about themselves, their existing organizational culture and interactions, and what they need to work on to achieve their individual and organizational goals.


Dialogue is the building block of getting anything done. It is the backbone of meaningful and lasting change. Martin brings in dialogue at every step of his coaching trajectory, so that the desired goals and outcomes aren’t just those imposed by the organization top-down. They become goals that are shared by the executives and employees of the organization.


Storytelling makes things relatable and helps to build and pass on an organizational culture and goals to current and future generations of employees. Martin uses storytelling to draw out people from their individual worlds onto the shared organizational stage and hold a dialogue in a safe and engaging environment. This connects people in a way that no top-down approach can, creating an open and inspiring organizational culture.


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