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Change according to dr. Martin Loeve

“I am very passionate about what moves people: how they think, act, develop, and give meaning to their everyday life. My entire career and personal development have been infused with that passion. Many years of experience have taught me that if you want to achieve anything in a personal or professional context, you need to start moving and keep on moving. The desired change is created through this movement. This is the reason why I work with an energetic, people-oriented and result-based small-scale change method, when guiding people and organizations in transition.”

Eneco from individual to collective heat supply

Delta Dynamics served as a neutral agent to enhance customer communication about the transition process from individual to collective heat supply, for both owner associations and local residents.

Delta Dynamics Change Letter

Change Letter year 17 number 50
Change Letter year 17 number 49
Change Letter year 16 number 48

asset management course at University of Twente

On November 29, 2018, the 31st edition of the Asset Management course, which is periodically organized by Traduco in cooperation with NVDO, was completed at University of Twente. Based on the principles of Action Learning, students presented four business cases. In addition, Roy Ramakers gave an instructive tour at the University of Twente campus. For more than five years Martin Loeve has acted as guest lecturer in the change management module of the course. In this module, he has continuously stressed the human aspects of implementing asset management.

Deltaction in the agriculture sector

Delta Dynamics, using its latest program, deltaction, is guiding Plantenkwekerij Van der Lugt to develop and implement an international business plan. The deltaction program was recently launched on board of the sailing ship ‘Scaldis’, which is located in the Zierikzee harbor. Arie van der Lugt, Manager Production, says the following about this program: “with Martin’s enthusiastic and expert guidance, we have gotten to know and understand each other much better, learned a lot, and jointly managed to plot an effective strategic course for our company – and that in the course of a single year. It is good to see that the course we have charted can also be found in the new course map! “

Guiding people and organisations in transition

Delta Dynamics guides people and organizations in transition. In recent years, different cases with change themes as: personal, team and business development, behavioral and cultural change, effective (cross-cultural) cooperation, strategy and asset management implementation, social enterprise and monitoring of human factors during change and transition trajectories, nationally and internationally, have been tackled effectively.

Delta Dynamics in the social sphere

Martin Loeve is initiator of the Lighten Their Future Foundation, an organization dedicated to underprivileged children in Kenya. In cooperation with RISE Kenya and the support of Lions Club Schouwen-Duiveland and Cordaid, 30 schools are provided with a solar system and 10 water tanks are repaired to lighten children their future.


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