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Dr. MARTIN LOEVE Executive coach for meaningful leadership and change

‘Meaningful change is a dialogue. Not a one-way, top-down approach. Through dialogue and interaction, we gain multiple perspectives, find more innovative solutions.


I help people understand their social interactions in everyday life and how these shape their personal identities and group culture. When people, both executives and employees, take charge of their own stories and interactions they are better able to align personal and professional identities and goals.


An organization then becomes more than the sum of its people and their individual talents and skills. The synergy in people working together is what brings change and creates a more meaningful and profitable organization.’


Natural strength

Family values and culture lay a strong foundation for successful businesses. In 1920, the ambitious brothers Piet and Gerrit van der Lugt started growing young vegetable plants with the first ever glass greenhouses. Now, almost a hundred years later, Martin is guiding the fourth generation, brothers Arie and Bert van der Lugt, as they develop a new business plan that will make sure their family business continues to prosper.

Sharing Knowledge

Martin has published several books and continues to publish columns, blogs, and other pieces from to share his knowledge and the various organizational and cultural stories and experiences he has gathered during his work.

Life is

This new project draws inspiration from Martin’s academic work and applies it to the everyday issues and challenges of executives in an innovative way: using theater.


As professionals, we have been conditioned to separate our business lives from personal lives. Using theater as an interactive and introspective means, Martin shines the spotlight on both the professional frontstage and the personal backstage stories of executives.


Martin helps executives ask, and answer, questions on themes often unreflected: loneliness, identity, culture, well-being, and meaning.


Contact Martin to learn more about the project, which involves a workshop series and book, and a one-time theater show, and see how you can script your own lives as meaningful leaders.

From Thailand to Zeeland: A 20 year journey of change

Close to 20 years ago, sweating through his shirt and jeans, just off the plane from the Netherlands, Martin stepped out for the first time into the land of sun and smiles. Though not his first assignment, Océ Thailand was a significant milestone in Martin’s journey as a changemaker. Abandoning traditional management theories that failed to work in practice, Martin developed his own approach and successfully helped the Océ Thailand Management Team navigate their way towards a new marketing strategy and business plan while overcoming their cultural differences.



A unique, customized coaching experience to help you reflect on your business strategy and plan as a team.

Over 24 hours, you will not only tackle your organizational and personal challenges, but also draw inspiration from the scenic environs of Zeeland and relish some local seafood specialties.

MT at sea is just one of the specialized executive coaching programs offered by Delta Dynamics.

The Delta Dynamics story

The story of Delta Dynamics begins 20 years ago. When Martin was working on his MBA, he followed a course in change management. Inspired, he set up his company, Delta Change Management, and began giving trainings, workshops, and coaching to help organizations and people through transitions.

Delta Dynamics in the social sphere

Whit the support of Lions Club Schouwen-Duiveland and Cordaid, and in cooperation with RISE Kenya, Martin initiated the Lighten Their Future Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to underprivileged children in Kenya, and provided 30 schools with solar panels to help light up these children’s future.


Do you need support for changes in your business or organization? Call Martin Loeve for an inspirational conversation: +31 (0) 6 53994506

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